It is our job to help you

We listen, and we really hear what you are saying.

We like to understand the reason a customer is using a staffing service so we can better assist their direct needs and ensure that we are following the customers’ agenda. We at TPS believe that every client is unique and has servicing needs that may be different from other companies, even within the same industry. We listen, and we care, to always ensure that you are happy with the service we are providing.

We give our employees the tools to succeed.

At TPS, we will assist with in-house training and orientations to save our clients time and expense. We have the tools and space available to host orientations, specialized training and workshops geared towards qualifying the right candidates in the duties you require, at no cost to our clients. Our employees participate in a series of standard Health & Safety training programs, updated annually.

No extra strain on your management team.

Worried about the extra strain on supervisors when you bring in a large number of temporary employees? We can provide on-site team leads for larger groups, providing an extra step in the chain of command to allow your supervisors to focus on the important tasks. Team leads are responsible for answering our employees’ questions when possible, and bringing forward any TPS employee concerns to your supervisors, one on one.

The right numbers, on time, every time.

For our larger volume client locations, TPS offers a carpooling and bussing service to our employees. This comes at no cost to our clients, and ensures that our workers are arriving safe and on time for their shifts. The service also requires a sign-in at our office, thereby allowing us to notice any absences early, and offer the option of back-filling the spaces with other qualified workers. This ensures that you are receiving a full shift each and every time you need it.

Able to assist, no matter the scale of your needs.

Our internal team is well aware of the industry’s shortcomings and challenges. With the support of all of our internal staff and company directors at all levels, we operate together towards achieving the highest level of staffing solutions and services. Our team ensures that we have the proper funding to handle any scale of business on a financial level, as well as full compliance to all WSIB, CRA and other government regulated bodies.

We can save you time and money.

We can offer competitive rates with an added discount for exclusivity and volume, as well as other great, cost- effective options. There are no advertising costs to you when trying to fill a position. In the unlikely event that we do not already have the perfect employee registered with us to fit your specific needs, we will advertise to fill your requirements. You avoid the burdens and costs of the administrative work tied to hiring, and in some cases, firing an employee.

Any questions or thoughts? We are always happy to help out!

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